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Article: How to Maintain Your Health and Fitness Regime

How to Maintain Your Health and Fitness Regime

How to Maintain Your Health and Fitness Regime

Preparing for winter: Tips on how to maintain your health and fitness regime 

The colder darken months of the year are looming our way and the thought of the cold can change the motivates of many people when it comes to maintaining that summer regime. There is no reason to stop the hard work, we recommend investing in some quality warm and functional fitness wear and checking out our tips and tricks on how to best approach the upcoming chilly months.


One important thing to think about is your immunity during winter, nasty germs and bugs tend to latch onto us during this colder time so it is essential to make sure you are fuelling your body with the immune defending vitamins and minerals it needs to keep charged so you can maintain your daily routine. We have prepared a list of natural supplements that can help you through winter. 


Boosts white blood cells which can defend against nasty invaders

Vitamin C

An antioxidant that supports the body’s natural immune system

Vitamin D

To  keep your bones strong and enhance immunity

Olive Leaf

A strong antiviral that gives your immune system antioxidant support


Some of these vitamins and minerals could be in your current diet or the foods you eat, for example, you will Zinc in nuts seeds, beans and lentils.

Gut Health

We believe our body is our best friend and you wouldn’t leave your best friend hungry right? Our body gut needs to be fuelled with healthy foods so that it can digest, absorb and work to its best ability to maintain a healthy digestive system and have strong immunity. We have put together three easy to follow tips that you could consider in your daily regime.

  • Drink water, try to keep up your water intake. We recommend mixing it up and adding some lemon to your water this promotes hydration, weight loss, aids in digestion and is a good source of vitamin C.
  • A tip that we all know, is increase the amount of fruit and vegetables you are eating, there are so many good qualities in these foods that can positively impact our mind and body health.
  • One of our favourite and easy ways to fuel our body with the nutrients it needs is by having a shake filled with supportive and healthy nutrients. It’s not only tasty but it helps your body’s immune system get the micronutrients it needs to function.


Ensuring you are giving yourself time to get adequate sleep is very important all year round. When we refer to sleep this is the time your body gets a chance to rest. It is recommended to try to get up to seven to eight hours sleep per night which gives your body a chance to repair so it is strong for the following day.

Reduce stress

Now, something that sometimes goes unrecognised is the effect stress can have on our body. Did you know that high levels of stress can weaken our immune systems, it doesn’t matter how good you are at taking your vitamin and mineral daily, keeping am eye on your stress can make a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. The top trick we recommend is to listen to your body, it’s not easy to eliminate stress or even know what is causing our stress, but the one thing we can do to manage it the best way we can give our body what it’s asking for. And yes this may mean an extra rest day from the gym here and there. A few activities you could do on days that you’re not feeling 100% is gentle exercise, walking, light bike, yoga, pilates or even a swim. Take the time to read, take a bath or indulge in the activities you haven’t done in a while. 


Fitness is so good for your mind and body, it gets your blood running, warding off those winter blues and helps to build a healthy immune system. It boosts energy and helps maintain weight loss during the colder times of the year. The number one deterrent during winter is the cold chill, get your friends together to stay motivated and encourage each other. Staying warm helps you to stay healthy while working out, Oxyfit specialise in premium activewear to help you stay warm while looking great. Providing the right materials and styles to support movement and comfort. The online community is full of motivational fitness enthusiast just like you. Check out how they are tackling winter via our Instagram and Facebook!

We hope you all stay healthy and fit with the help of our Oxyfit tips and tricks for winter wellness!

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