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Article: Why Do Gym Clothes Matter: Selecting the right activewear

Why Do Gym Clothes Matter: Selecting the right activewear

Why Do Gym Clothes Matter: Selecting the right activewear

Have you ever gotten ready for the gym unconsciously throwing on the first thing you see, then minutes into your workout the only thing letting you down is what you’re wearing?

Believe it or not, what you wear for fitness can play a huge role in more than just how you present yourself, but your performance too. Many factors can impact how you perform exercises and your abilities. Let’s have a look at how our body reacts during exercise. 

When the human body is participating in sports and activities it produces heat to provide muscle energy and muscle activity. The heat that the body's muscles cannot consume due to a lack of metabolism which leads to accumulation of heat, needs to be realised to avoid a high body temperature. This can be known as sweating or dissipation, in different climates and fitness activities, our bodies can work more effectively if the clothing we wear is adaptable it can significantly improve our performance. 

Clothing acts as an interactive medium of heat exchange between the human body and the surrounding environment. Depending on both these factors certain kind of materials and clothing styles can create a balance between the two to provide the body and skin with the heat or cooling motion it needs to maximise performance. 

We have gathered a few tips to think about when choosing what to wear during your next workout at the gym to avoid dysfunctional dress decisions:

Let’s start with what to wear on top:

We understand that the gym or time during fitness isn’t about what you wear but sometimes certain pieces of clothing just aren’t as suitable as others. What you wear on top can affect how you perform. Let’s start with size, everyone has there owned preference on how they style and wear their clothes but wearing heavy or oversized pieces of clothing during fitness can cause your body to overheat, become irritated or simply get in the way. Choosing items that can be an asset during your workout to manage the body’s reactions.

We recommend a fitted comfortable, breathable, lightweight, sweat managing fabric that can assist ur body during that session that really gets your heart rate pumping. Oxyfit apparel has a range carefully sourced and tested materials, expertly crafted to deliver a cutting-edge range of men and women’s fitness products. Providing you with clothing you need to perform at your best with no limitations.

Support, when you perform your body is jolting and moving in all kinds of directions and movements. It is important to wear clothing that is going to support you body to avoid injury or strain. This may be the shoes you were or even as simple as supportive socks that allow you feet to breathe.

Sports bras:

We want to express to women when buying fitness appeal online is to make sure you are selecting the right size that will best fit and support your shape. Looking into the provided measurements and capturing it against your own to determine which size is best suited to you. Every sports brand is different meaning you may not be the same size. Adjustability is a key tip we encourage you to look out for when choosing a sports bra, this means you can adjust the straps to best suit you shape and size to improve support. At Oxyfit we have a range of adjustable sports bras that offer a simple clean design and focusing on that matters support and quality.

What’s on the Bottom matters just as much:

Whether its a run, boot camp or a serious leg day at the gym what you’re wearing on your legs could be the make or break to hit that new personal best. Your body has the ability to perform in all kinds of the way but sometimes restrictive or heavy clothing can affect our performance.

Have confidence in your fitness clothing with Oxyfit's light-weight, breathable women’s tights and men’s shorts. Offering your high-quality material and stretchy fabric so you can move freely with optimal comfort. We offer a range of colourways in our fresh new design to suit your preference.

In conclusion, the main aspect when it comes to any form of clothing is to be comfortable, we believe supportive and breathable fitness appeal can increase and improve your body’s abilities to push its self that bit harder to reach your goals. If you feel like you need that extra freedom in your clothing head over to our Oxyfit store and check out some of our high-performance activewear. Keep up to date with our latest apparel via our website, Facebook and Instagram.


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